At Emerald, we understand that our customer's highest priority is feeling safe and secure in their own home. That is why we manufacture all of our products with safety in mind.


All Emerald windows and doors are supplied by Duraflex, a manufacturer that has been trading for over 50 years and is renowned for manufacturing premium quality products as robust as they are visually appealing. All of our windows and doors are supplied either with the Duraflex SAC Shootbolt locking system or a Yale locking system, depending on the customer's preference. The Duraflex SAC Shootbolt locking system not only meets the standards set by the Secured By Design initiative, it actually exceeds them by 50%. Yale is an industry leader in innovation and security and will provide your home with maximum security, instantly allowing you the peace of mind to enjoy your Emerald products. Yale is fully approved by the Secured By Design initiative, which is a UK national police force initiative which supports the principles of "designing out crime" and is backed by the Home Office Crime Reduction unit, the DETR and Local Government. With this security built into our products, you can rest assured that your Emerald products will not only look pristine, but also provide you with optimum security.

In the UK a house is burgled roughly every 30 seconds, amounting to around 800,000 burglaries every year. You can ensure that your home does not end up as another statistic by using Emerald's optimum security products to keep burglars out of your home for good.

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