Do my Emerald windows come with a guarantee?

Yes, all Emerald windows come with our 10 Year Guarantee as standard. You can read more about our guarantee here.

Can you match my existing style of window?

Absolutely. We are committed to ensuring your property maintains its existing character whilst benefiting from the improvements provided by having one of our products installed in your home. We offer a wide range of windows and will make every effort to match the style, shape and colour of your existing windows.

How long will it take to install my windows?

This will depend entirely on the number of windows you are having installed, and our sales team will advise when you order.

Do you dispose of my old windows once the new ones are installed?

Yes, as part of our installation service we will happily remove your old unused windows and take them to a recycling plant free of charge.

Is there anything I need to do in preparation for my window installation?

Please remove any curtains/blinds and other objects in the area of your windows to provide our installation team unobstructed access to carry out the work.

Are your installation team fully certified?

All of our installers are fully certified by the Guild of Master Craftsmen and our installations are double-backed by the PWF and DGCOS.

Do I need to consider planning permission and building regulations before my windows are installed?

Our surveyor will advise you when they visit your property, as each property will vary. As a rule of thumb, planning permission is only required where your property is a listed building and building control permission where major structural changes are required to install your Emerald products.


Is it possible to have a cat flap on my door?

Yes this is possible upon request when you order your door from us.

What sort of glass does my door come with?

We offer a range of glass types from standard double glazed right through to coloured and decorative glass.

Is it possible to get a door that closely matches the existing features of the exterior of my house?

With our extensive range of doors available, we can confidently answer yes to this question in the majority of cases.


Do I get a guarantee with my Emerald conservatory?

Yes, all of our conservatories come with our 10 Year Guarantee as standard. You can read more about our guarantee here.

Will I need planning permission for my conservatory to be installed?

Possibly, it depends on your particular property. Our surveyor will advise you during their visit, and if necessary arrange for the planning application to be lodged with the local authority.

How long will it take to install my conservatory?

Firstly our installers will fit the base of the conservatory, which takes typically 2-3 days. We then have to allow the base to set, and then finally we fit the windows and doors in the conservatory. The whole process typically takes around one week, but may vary depending on your type of property and conservatory requested.

I am replacing my old conservatory. Will you take this away once the new conservatory has been installed?

Yes, as part of our installation service we will happily remove your old unused conservatory and take it to a recycling plant free of charge.

Will my conservatory come with additional internal features such as lighting and flooring?

This is possible and can be discussed with our representative upon quotation.


When you install new fascias/soffits/gutters, what happens to my old ones?

We will happily take them away to be recycled, free of charge.

I'm worried my roof may have asbestos, what should I do?

Don't panic! Our installers are qualified to safely remove asbestos, and will clear your roof of all traces of it before installing your new roofline products.


Will I need planning permission for my garage conversion?

Planning permission is often required, but our surveyor will clarify this and if necessary arrange the application with your local authority.

Do you also cover the electrical wiring and plumbing in my garage?

Yes this can be included as part of your installation. Simply state your requirements to a member of our sales team upon quotation and we will take care of the rest.

Can you match my new garage to the rest of my house's exterior?

Yes in the majority of cases our extensive range of garage doors and bricks will provide at least one option that will be a seamless match.

Will my new garage be damp-proofed?

Yes all Emerald garages are designed to be damp-proofed and insulated against the elements.


I am not in a position to pay the full cost of my product(s) up-front. Is there a finance option available for Emerald products?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive finance options package. You can read about it on our Finance Options page.

I am interested in ordering one of your products, but would like to discuss further before committing to the purchase. How should I proceed?

Please complete our Free Quote form and one of our sales representatives will contact you. They will give you all the relevant information about the product you are interested in and can answer any questions you might have.

Do I need to own my property in order to have Emerald products installed in them? What if my property is rented or a council house?

For legal reasons, the property owner must authorise any structural alterations to their property. Therefore if your property is rented, either through a landlord or the council, then you must provide a letter of consent from them before your products can be installed.

I wish to make a complaint, how do I do so?

Please submit it in writing to:

Emerald Home Improvements
Unit 11
Newmarket Court
Ascot Drive
DE24 8NW

I am interested in working at Emerald Home Improvements, how can I apply?

Please see our About Emerald page for current openings and details of how to apply.

My question isn't answered here. How can I contact you for clarification?

Please contact us on freephone 0800 158 8055 or by using the Contact Us page of this web site.

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