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Roof Tiles

As part of our standard installation, we get rid of your old roof before work commences. Next we add a layer of breathable felt before the tiles. This provides insulation against the elements. Next we add roof battens on top of the felt and finally add the tiles.

When adding ridge tiles we use a dry ridge installation (no sand or cement) which means your roof is always ventilated.

We always use a fixed scaffold system. We never use towers or ladders for health and safety reasons.

Our Range of Roof Tiles

Gemini Twin Interlocking Plain Tiles

Gemini is a true innovation in roof tile design. With its ‘double cambered’ design, this interlocking concrete tile, gives the appearance of traditional plain tiles when laid.

Because of Gemini’s design, fewer tiles are required to cover the same area as a conventional double lapped plain tile. This innovative product assists in reducing the build cost, and helps to reduce the environmental impact by reducing the amount of quarried aggregate used, and haulage movement per laid m2.

Rosemary Clay Classic

The Rosemary name is synonymous with clay plain tiles, adding distinction and character to pitched roofs for over 175 years. Today, a range of single and cross-camber tiles combine the quality of hand-crafted clay with the reliability of modern machine-made techniques.

Produced from the finest clays, Rosemary is offered in a range of weathered, brindled and single colours that create striking and attractive roofs.

Clay Plain

Advances in clay tile technology means that the single camber range combines heritage with the most modern firing techniques combining the quality and versatility of a clay plain tile with the affordability of other materials.


The authentic, traditional design of the plain tile gives it the looks to match its outstanding versatility. The plain tile is especially suitable for details such as dormers, eyebrows and conical roofs as well as vertical cladding. This popular concrete plain tile comes in both smooth face and granular finishes and the choice of 9 attractive colours.

Modern Interlocking

The Modern interlocking tile is a flat, smooth, single-lap interlocking design with a slate-like appearance enhanced by a broken bond laying pattern.

Edgemere Interlocking Slate

Edgemere offers you the perfect combination: an attractive appearance at a surprisingly attractive price. The clean and precise ‘slate-like' appearance is enhanced by the thin leading edge and a broken-bond laying technique. At only 18mm thick, Edgemere is sleek and greatly increases kerb appeal, providing you with an affordable evolution from standard interlocking tiles.

Ludlow Major Interlocking

A supremely functional, general purpose single-lap interlocking tile. The Ludlow Major interlocking tile has simple, but strong lines which exploit the interplay between light and shade, adding visual variety throughout the course of the day.

Duo Modern Interlocking

Duo Modern interlocking tile is designed to look like, and blend in with the small format slates found in many regions.

Double Roman Interlocking

A modern version of the roll profile seen on roofs throughout Europe for over 2000 years, the Double Roman offers all the functional benefits of today’s interlocking concrete tile technology.

Vertigo fibre cement slates

Our Vertigo range gives free rein to your creativity and brings a new dimension to design with fibre cement slates.

The Vertigo range has been specifically created for vertical applications, perfectly adapting to the contours of the building and providing a second protective skin, which enables visual and performance continuity between roof and facade, creating a complete and beautiful building envelope.

Rivendale fibre cement slates

Rivendale fibre cement roof slate features a riven surface and dressed edge, combining the benefit of modern slate technology with the look of natural slate.

Ideal for use on projects where a natural look is sought.

Thrutone fibre cement slates

A smooth surface and square cut edges give a low profile slate at an economical price, particularly suitable to complex roof geometries down to 15°. This market leading light weight roof slate is now available in five new colours and three shapes providing even more design flexibility. With its low wastage and ease of installation, it's easy to see why it is the product of choice for all types of new build and refurbishment projects.

Birkdale fibre cement slates

The popular Birkdale fibre cement slate can be used for low pitch designs down to 15° (with hook fixing).

Featuring a smooth surface and dressed edges Birkdale fibre cement slates offer a traditional and pleasing look at an affordable price.

The combination of colour, edge finish and design flexibility that the Birkdale offers means it is ideal as both a roofing and cladding solution.

Garsdale fibre cement slates

Garsdale slates feature a detailed textured surface and crisp square edge.

They are versatile and easy to install.