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3 reasons why a conservatory or orangery is not just for summer

Over the last 10 years or so, conservatory and orangery design has gone from strength to strength thanks to technological advancements – gone are the days where conservatories and orangeries could only be used in the summer months. This is also echoed in the recent home improvement popularity shift, where nearly six in ten homeowners are expected to enhance their homes throughout 2018. So, as Britain transforms into a nation of renovators it’s unsurprising that interest in these charming, low-maintenance home extensions across the Midlands and Northern Ireland have piqued once more. Let’s discuss further why conservatories and orangeries are not just for summer.

1. Energy efficient glazing

Using energy efficient double or triple glazing within our conservatories and orangeries prevents excess heat from being lost. Reducing condensation, which occurs when high humidity and low temperatures collide, thermally efficient glass also reduces external noise pollution considerably; effectively allowing for much-needed relaxation and peaceful enjoyment that go hand-in-hand with conservatories and orangeries. Emerald Home Improvements are members of various industry standard accreditations, including the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC); the UK’s premier authority for independently verified ratings of energy efficient windows and doors. This provides homeowners with peace of mind that our windows utilize the very best, high quality glass from Pilkington, which all have ‘A’ ratings combined with low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. Much more effective than single or standard double glazing, not only does this highly proactive glass keep your conservatory or orangery warmer in winter it will also save money on heating bills in the long-run. The construction of our orangeries adds further heat-retaining qualities, due to the incorporation of insulating brickwork within the design.

2. Revised weather proofing

Manufactured to the highest standards around, our uPVC and hardwood timber conservatories and orangeries feature ultimate weatherproofing qualities, including reinforced frames. The robust build quality of our orangeries offers additional weatherproofing aspects too. Furthermore, our hardwood timber conservatories and orangeries provide additional weather proofing, as the high quality laminated timber has a much longer lifespan than uPVC components.

3. Diverse roofing options

Nowadays, Derby and Belfast homeowners have even more choice with an array of different roofing options available to enhance their conservatories and orangeries further. Conservatory and orangery owners want a space that allows them to smoothly integrate their inside space with their outside space to welcome the summer months in, whilst keeping warm and cosy in the winter months whatever the weather. Conservatories can be improved with the likes of tiled warm roof solutions, whereas orangeries can be enhanced and upgraded with hardy roof lanterns that are surrounded by a large plastered roof.

Renowned for our high quality and personal service over the last 10 years, visit one of our showrooms or get in touch with the Emerald Home Improvement staff today who’ll be happy to advise on the best conservatory or orangery design to suit your individual taste and budget this summer.

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