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Are orangeries warmer than conservatories?

When it comes to extending your home into your garden, you have two options: a conservatory and an orangery. You’re more than likely familiar with what a conservatory is but you may not have previously heard of an orangery. So, what exactly is an orangery and how is it different to your standard conservatory?

What is an orangery?

Whilst orangeries and conservatories certainly share some similarities, there’s several things an orangery has that conservatories lack. Orangeries are designed with partially solid, multi-layered construction. A conservatory is classified as a glazed extension where at least 50% of the building and 75% of the roof are glazed. This means that a conservatory tends to be more glass based than an orangery. Orangeries have a brick base with solid pillars, so they can easily feel like a natural part of your home.

Despite these differences, you’ll most likely want your home extension to be warm, especially later in the year, so the question arises – which is warmer, orangeries or conservatories?

Is an orangery warmer?

An orangery has more solid walls and roofing than a conservatory thanks to the fact they tend to involve more brickwork. Because of this, they’re able to retain more heat than the average conservatory. Conservatories tend to be more of an all-glass structure, so more heat can escape as glass is a poor insulator. It’s always possible to make a conservatory more thermally efficient by doing several things such as upgrading to triple glazing or adding an insulated tiled roof but when it comes to a base model, an orangery is nearly always warmer than a conservatory.

Orangeries are more practical to heat up as you won’t be wasting money by trying to heat a space that is constantly leaking heat to the outside like a conservatory would. If you want to keep warm this winter whilst enjoying a home extension, you certainly can’t go wrong with an orangery.

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