New Solar PV products

We are proud to announce that we now offer a range of solar PV (panels) products. Please see our page dedicated to the topic:

Green Deal Launched

In our last blog entry we wrote about the Green Deal, the government's initiative to enable homes to become energy efficient at affordable prices. The proposed launch date of 1st October 2012 was met by the government, albeit with a "soft launch" meaning that the Green Deal is now live but nothing will actually start to happen until January 2013. To recap, the Green Deal allows home owners to make energy efficiency upgrades to their homes and pay for them in installments added to their existing energy bills over a number of years, rather than paying for them up front in one lump sum.

Green Deal Update

There is a very interesting article on the GGF website regarding the green deal. It answers many questions, but also shows there is a long way to go before we know everything. The opinion is that the green deal will be available for smaller companies and not just the big boys, which is good news. If everything goes to plan they are suggesting the green deal should be in place by October 2012.

Windows, doors, fruit & veg

TESCO – The recent announcement that the supermarket giants are now a player in the glazing market could be seen as a double edged sword.

As a new kid on the block they seem to be using the outdated stereotypical and negative clichés to bully their way onto the playground.

If they are so confident in their product and service why do they feel the need to belittle the industry which they are entering and use these clichés as their platform.

Conversely with my PMA hat on its good news for the industry if the big boys want to play ball.

Help needed! The Green Deal - what's it all about?

The Green Deal - what's it all about then? What does it mean for SMEs like ourselves and dare I ask what's in it for us?

Having done some surfing on the subject and not being an expert on this by any means, it does raise some questions in my mind.

The launch date for Green Deal will be 1st October 2012 and this will be upon us before we know it. After all there are only xx days to xmas.

So given the timescale what do we need to do to ensure that we as independent businesses are geared up for the introduction of government policy that will no doubt impact on us?

Energy/Money Savings Calculator

As a company Emerald prides itself on its no nonsense and upfront approach with all of its customers.

Using quality products such as our A Rated windows makes sense not only commercially but also in our commitment to the environment and our customers. It is surprising therefore to learn that some of the larger companies are claiming that only the big boys have access to A Rated windows.  It seems ludicrous to me that such out of date claims are being used even today.


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